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              Hydantoin Series
              Hydantoin Resin Series
              Antimicrobial preservatives
              pharmaceutical intermediate
              Special epoxy resin
              Perfume intermediates
              Amino acid derivatives
              ABOUT US  
            About us


            Hubei Xitai Chemical CO.,Ltd.is the wuxi meihua chemical co., LTD.investment of 49.6 million yuan to build the Hi-tech enterprise of hubei QianJiang city Yanhua industrial park and private technical company. Cooperating with famous chemical companies and institutes, Xitai now is a specialized researcher, developer, manufacturer and trader of hi-tech fine chemicals. The main production are hydantoin serial products, electronic chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates. An annual output of 2000 tons hydantoin of pharmaceutical grade , with an annual capacity of 2000 tons hydantoin epoxy resin and 10000 tons of composite materials with special materials, electrical series castable, electronic products potting material epoxy resin products. The company with the certificates of ISO9002 & ISO14001. After years' hard works, Xitai now has become a leading manufacturer, our products are well-received in EU, USA, The middle and Southeast Asia.

            Perfect service is come from our internationalized sales network.

            Tel: +86-728-6703368/8100717 E-mail:sales@chinahydantoin.com connect.meihua@163.com
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